Still feeling lost in your real estate career?

Most newer real estate agents feel lost when they first join a real estate company. How do I learn? Who will spend the time teaching me? Most real estate companies promise you that someone will take you under their wing and help you. Reality sets in and 12 months later you are still in the same spot that you were a year ago.

We are here to support you in your growth.

At La Rosa Realty, straight out of the gate, we offer ten classes that will teach you the core competencies of residential real estate. Picture yourself taking incredible classes on-demand as part of your Agent benefits, at no extra cost to you, that will earn you the La Rosa Certified Agent Designation giving you the confidence to succeed in the marketplace.

Start your real estate career off right. There is no better place!

The ten classes consist of the following:

LRCA101 Anatomy of a Real Estate Transaction
LRCA102 Build Your Brand Build Your Business
LRCA103 Mastering a Real Estate Contract
LRCA104 Mastering a Real Estate Addendum
LRCA105 Residential Mortgage Basics
LRCA106 Winning Listing Presentations
LRCA107 Powerful CMA’s & Valuation Tools
LRCA108 Be a Successful Buyer’s Representative
LRCA109 Dominate your own Neighborhood
LRCA110 Grow Your Business with Your Raving Fans