Each new La Rosa Realty Agent must attend Orientation Week in their respective region. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow agents and learn about key resources available to each La Rosa Realty Agent.  These resources include Kunversion (our CRM), Dotloop, My Agent (our intranet) and much more!

New Agent Training

For new La Rosa Realty Agents with less than one year of experience or less than three transactions, we require a coach to mentor the Agent through their first three transactions with La Rosa Realty.  This will ensure they have proper support and resources and that they are providing exceptional Client Satisfaction while setting roots in their new Career.

La Rosa Coaching

la-rosa-realty-coachingOur Exclusive coaching program starts with the premise that Success looks different for everybody. Our process starts with a two-way interview to understand your needs and what success looks like to you.The next step is to create your own La Rosa Coaching Blueprint which is your custom business and action plan. The 3rd step is creating an efficient schedule that accommodates lead generation, skill building, training and personal time. Now is about taking action and accountability. Since no one can truly hold themselves accountable we have a great accountability system that keeps agents on their feet, always striving to reach the goals they set for themselves. Learn more…